August 27, 2014

incorpIndividual Mentorship:

The SOLIDMINDS organization believes in mentorship for the individual in need of a different perspective and exposure to what one is not accustom to. Many youth today lack positive role models that they can identify with, leadership within their peer group, and most importantly productive and positive father or mother figures in the home. SOLIDMINDS believes that through individual mentorship, an adolescent can utilize and plug into doors of opportunity more easily accessible to adolescents who do not experience the same social and  economic challenges.


Group Mentorship:

SOLIDMINDS seeks to build adolescents up socially in such a way as to inspire leadership, increase social consciousness, and develop open mindedness. Group mentorship is a tool used in concert with individual mentorship to create alternative peer groups and stronger, more positive, and attractive options. The ultimate goal of the SOLIDMINDS group mentorship is to allow the “group” to become the mentor to each participant as opposed to one facilitator. SOLIDMINDS believes that peer to peer accountability and support is tantamount to locking adolescence into a more positive and productive lifestyle.


Recovery Coaching:

With significant experience in the field of Substance abuse and chemical dependency education  and counseling in therapeutic community settings, SOLIDMINDS seeks to be innovative in its efforts to encourage adolescents to embrace a life of recovery. SOLIDMINDS believes that it is important to understand and acknowledge the impact and potential dangers of past drug abuse and negative behaviors, but is more focused on sharing, encouraging, and exposing the many benefits from a life of recovery. SOLIDMINDS seeks to broaden the idea of recovery from solely focusing on those adolescents who abuse substances to increasing the focus and introducing the recovery concept to adolescents who appear to display negative behaviors. The ultimate goal is to coach and cheer on adolescence who have found a desire to achieve a greater level of success and to improve the quality of their life seeking longevity in that success.


Life/Academic Coaching:

SOLIDMINDS understands the importance of education. It was once said that education is the portal to the future. The organization makes tireless efforts to partner with educational services that will enhance performance in the classroom. SOLIDMINDS believes in the “Possible Self” which examines what an adolescent could be if outside social and economic pressures could be decreased significantly. Many adolescents who are in need of mentorship and academic coaching tend to be unaware of the resources available that make it easier than believed to pursue higher education. SOLIDMINDS uses Academic Coaching by setting incremental academic goals and planning academic and or vocational future.


Family Intervention:

The foundation for any adolescent and the beginning potential begins with the family. The family is the backdrop and root of most issues experienced by an adolescence. Many behaviors and habits are developed as a result of underlying unresolved issues within the family. SOLIDMINDS does not seek to fix or repair family, but does attempt to intervene by bringing attention to the correlation between negative behaviors and difficulties within the family structure. the goal in any intervention is to seek practical and viable solutions and accountability. Many times without family intervention an adolescent may be unable to be receptive other opportunities made available.


Crisis Intervention:

Many do not view the everyday pressures and travails of adolescent life as crisis. SOLIDMINDS deems most of the social issues and pressures experienced by adolescents as crisis or potential crisis. In a perfect world it would be ideal to plan, mentor, and teach as a preventative measure as opposed to intervening after the fact. The reality in which we live in and present day statistics beckon us to exercise balance in providing prevention to those at risk and not at risk as well as crisis intervention to those at risk. The SOLIDMINDS  organization has been developed and structured to strategically intervene in circumstances and situations which afflict youth daily. The goal is to identify the crisis, intervene with a plan of action, and plan for stability and incremental improvement.