Anger Management Classes

August 28, 2014

Certified Anger Resolution Therapy

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Members of the SOLIDMINDS staff make an effort to provide anger management classes for the adolescent and adult population. Certified Anger Resolution Therapy provides an individual with an opportunity to gain skills necessary to respond to feelings of rage and anger in a manner more conducive to maintaining meaningful relationships and avoiding legal consequences of rage and mismanaged anger.


Our Certified Anger Resolution Therapist provides a variety of Anger Management

services designed in different packages. Each package shares the same goals:

-Identify and Define Anger/Rage

-Identify Triggers and Cues (Activating Events)

-Gain an Understanding of the Anger/ Rage Cycle

-Processing the Impact of Anger/Rage

-Utilizing the RAP (Relevant, Appropriate, Practical)

-Concept when developing coping skills

-Identifying Alternative Behaviors and Feelings