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Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse counseling: SOLIDMINDS staff possesses the licensure to provide educational groups and individual counseling to those in need of substance abuse counseling.

Anger Resolution Therapy

Members of the SOLIDMINDS staff make an effort to provide anger management classes for the adolescent and adult population. Certified Anger Resolution Therapy provides an individual with an opportunity to gain skills necessary to respond to feelings of rage and anger in a manner more conducive to maintaining meaningful relationships and avoiding legal consequences of rage and mismanaged anger.


The SOLDMINDS organization provides mentorship to individuals and groups. In addition, we provide recovery coaching; life/academic coaching; family intervention; and crisis intervention services.

Life Skills

The organization teaches the difference in boyhood and manhood or girlhood and womanhood as it relates to lifestyle, thinking, behavior, responsibility and relevance to society. Man/Womanhood are goals to be achieved through a Rites of Passage process.

Job Placement

First Aid CPR Services

SOLIDMINDS is certified and authorized to provide CPR/First Aid/AED classes through American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute, and MEDIC First Aid. We have multiple locations and we will also come to you. Please contact us to schedule a class today.



These are the people who make it happen. Mentorship at its finest!
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Sir Patrick Phillips

Sir Patrick Phillips is a Youth Motivational Speaker and talented Hip Hop Artist.
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Demarish Wyllie, LCDC

Demarish Wyllie is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. He is a CPR/First Aid Instructor, A Big Decisions Instructor and an Anger Resolution Therapist.
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Jamila Sadiki

Jamila Sadiki holds a Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Management and is a Radiologist Technologist. She is also a Mentor and Youth Advocate.
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Mark Woodhouse

Mark Woodhouse is currently a Chemical Dependency Counselor and holds a Masters in Behavioral Science. A Youth Mentor and Motivational Speaker. He is also a talented Spoken Word Artist.
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Kenyatta Sadiki

Kenyatta Sadiki is a Chemical Dependency Counselor, a Job Skills Trainer and Placement Specialist, A Motivational Speaker, CPR/First Aid Trainer, Anger Resolution Therapist and a Youth Specialist.

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